The Book You Said I Never Returned/ Pastoral no. 5

Pastoral no. 5Still_pastoral is a short film that was created for the exhibition, The Book You Said I Never Returned, plus three to five pastorals” by Jonn Herschend.

Sean Uyehara: Man
Naseem Badiey: Woman
Stanley Sawicki: Angry Man
Christina Lowery and Cliff Jackson: Amourous couple
Daisy: dog


Max Fink: Producer
Lenny Gonzalez: Director of Photography
Lou Wiskes: Sound Mixer
Elia Vargas : Assistant Camera
Sarah Frazier: Production Assistant
Hannah Herschend: Dog Wrangler
Asta Sjogren-Uyehara: Assistant Dog Wrangler
Steven Wolf: PA, Executive Producer

It was installed at Steven Wolf Gallery in San Francisco in December, 2011. The film was also screened at Gallery 16 in San Francisco in 2017.